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Bike tours in the Mekong Delta


cycle tours mekong delta We strive to make our tours so good as possible they can  be and constantly fine-tune our services and your feedback is very important for us.

Our tours are suitable for reasonably fit people and leisure cyclist who are confident riding distances. Longer cycling days mainly on tarmac, with potentially jeep trails, broken tarmac but no real off road.

We can provide our customers with a more personal and tailored experience, a bike tour that is more than a little bit special. We are taking the route less travelled and introducing our cyclists to aspects of a country.

Our custom bicycle tours in the Mekong Delta are unique experiences tailored exactly to how much riding you want to do and what you want to see along the way.


* The trips below can always be adapted according to your liking.

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Combine a beach holiday with a cycling holiday, 

the perfect combination of an active and relaxing holiday.

Phu Quoc island was still fairly unknown, but this is changing rapidly in recent years. Miles of tropical beaches with swaying palm trees. In the inland a tropical rainforest with waterfalls in the rainy season.Small fishing villages and a bustling capital where merchandise on the market is being traded.

A visit to the Mekong Delta is so memorable because of the diversity of the region. Everyday scenes amongst others. the children riding on the back of water buffalo or cycling to school through country lanes in the white ao dai; plodding farmers in the muddy rice fields; market vendors grinning behind piles of vegetables; bright yellow incense sticks drying along the way; groups storks circling above a sanctuary at dusk; Khmer monks walk carefully in the shadow of the pagodas; locals frolic on monkey bridges or in rowing boats through the maze of channels in the delta ‘s.

 A great relaxing and unique experience.

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17 days beach / cycle holiday

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